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Senior Warden's Report to Parish

Saturday, February 29th and Sunday, March 1st 2020

As addresssed in Fr. Shannon’s Annual Rector’s Report and in my Senior Warden’s Report, both presented at the time of last month’s All Parish annual meeting, we have commenced a very special year, one for celebrating the great blessing of Fr. Shannon’s ministry at Grace while strengthening our ministries in contemplation of his November retirement and beginning to prepare to search for a new rector after Fr. Shannon has retired. This past weekend a Vestry Retreat was held to plan for the successful accomplishment of all such goals. As a result, I am able to announce that at the Vestry’s upcoming March 19 meeting a Transition Committee, composed of vestry and non-vestry members, will be appointed. Its principal duties will be (1) to recognize and celebrate our existing ministries throughout the year and (2) to plan for the celebration of Fr. Shannon’s ministry on Christ the King Sunday (November 22), the date of his retirement. The Transition Committee will not be involved with the search for a new rector for Grace. With respect to that search process, and subject to consultation with and approval by our diocese’s Assisting Bishop, a Search Committee will be appointed in September. The committee’s principal duties will be two-fold: first, to create a Parish Profile based on ideas generated by our cycle of blessings drawing book groups, meeting individually and together, and with your further input, which will help clergy who may have interest in serving at Grace to learn more about our Parish; and, second, to identify qualified candidates for further vetting and presentation to the Vestry as possible candidates to be Grace’s next rector. The Search Committee will commence its work after Fr. Shannon’s retirement and will continue until a qualified person has accepted a call to Grace. With diocesan assistance and approval, Grace will acquire an interim priest to help lead our worship services and support our ministries as the search continues and until such call’s acceptance. We will keep you closely advised as these processes move forward. Meanwhile, I urge you to do whatever you can to strengthen your existing involvement in Grace’s ministries or to join ministries new to you which are consistent with your personal interests and which need your help. Your Vestry believes that Grace is in a very strong position, and we want Fr. Shannon to know as he retires that our Parish is poised and excited to be moving into the next chapter of its life. All of us working together can assure that that happens. Thank you for all you already do for Grace and for the additional efforts that I am confident you will make to assure that this special year in Grace’s life is a true blessing for Fr. Shannon and for all of us.

Peace, Paul Turner, Senior Warden

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