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Sun, Feb 23, 9:30am
Corporal Acts of Mercy
Karen Holien

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Sun, Feb 23, 12 Noon
Sunday School
Red Rock Canyon Hike 

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Tue, Feb 25, 5pm
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Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Dinner

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Wed, Feb 26
Noon and 7pm
Imposition of Ashes

Sat, Feb 29
Leap Day

Sun, Mar 1
Following 10:30 Service
First Sunday Breakfast
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Sat, Mar 7, 8am
Grace Women's

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Sat, Mar 7, 9am
Prayer Shawl Ministry
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Sat, Mar 21, 8am
Grace Men's

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Currency of Truth *

In his ministries Jesus sought out the weak, the powerless, and those who were marginalized in society. He heard their truths and then brought his healing love to their lives. The currency of truth is at work at Grace as we work to emulate Jesus by seeking truth in our ministries.

Our understanding of truth is greatly influenced by the circumstances of our environments. In our world, the voices of the rich and powerful greatly influence our perception of the truth. The voices of the powerless are rarely heard, and they generally have little impact on our understanding of truth. It is hard to hear the truth of the powerless or the fearful when we employ debate and prejudgment. Truth comes when we employ dialogue and mutual understanding. We look for clarifications before making judgments and are curious about differences.

Working to understand truth begins with our clergy, but it involves all of us. The following are examples of our work to understand truth:

  • Our Deacons actively identify truth in our parish and the community about us and call us to action such as participation in the Nevadans for the Common Good where we first learn where our communities are unwell and then work to bring healing.

  • We have opportunities to learn about the truth of other people through our Christian education activities.

  • We reach out to fellow parishioners in times of need through our Caring Hands ministry. Caring Hands would not exist if people did not trust enough to share their truth when they are in distress.

  • When we help our refugee resettlement families, we learn, through hearing their truths, ways to provide meaningful assistance to help them adapt to their new lives and become fully independent.

  • We support active Recovery Ministries where finding truth is an important part of healing.

We are better able to focus the power of God’s healing when we learn the truth of others. Learning truth helps us to touch and transform lives through our ministries.

Click on any of the other topics below to learn more about how we are working to better love one another as Jesus commands us: *

* For a more in-depth discussion see the Holy Currencies - 6 Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries by Rev. Dr. Eric Law, Chalice Press, Copyright 2013

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