Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church

Mountain Desert Views

2004 Spring Gate Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Upcoming Events

Worship Service
Sat, 5pm
Sun 8 and 10:30am

Nevadans for the
Common Good
Delegate Assembly

Tue, Jun 28, 6:30-8pm
Holy Family Catholic Church

Special Labyrinth Walk
Sat, Jul 2, 9-11am
Parish Hall

Super-Stock Event
Sat, Jul 9, 10-12 noon
Bring non-perishable
food items and no Ramen
Grace Parish Hall

Funeral Service for
Arlene Johnson

Sat, Jul 16, 11am

Pastoral Care Programs

For all Pastoral Care needs, please contact The Rev. Angela Anderson

Contact: The Rev. Cammie Houpt to be placed on the Prayer List.


Baptisms are scheduled on the following Holy Days: The Baptism of Our Lord in January, the Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday, the Feast of Pentecost (50 days after Easter), and the Feast of All Saints (November 1).

Funeral & Bereavement Ministry

Funerals and Bereavement is handled by a member the Clergy. The Rev. Angela Anderson takes the initial bereavement calls and works with family members and funeral preparation. Appropriate Clergy and staff are called on to attend to the details.

Parishioners are called to make service arrangements well in advance. A two page form is available to be completed and discussed with a Clergy person. A copy of this record is kept on file in the church office.

Grace in the Desert Funeral & Bereavement Forms

Other arrangements available.

The Flower Guild at Grace offers floral arrangements for funerals and receptions. Contact Mamie Hechter

During non-COVID times there are volunteer reception planners available.
NOTE: Bereavement and Funeral practices are at the behest of a new Rector. These protocols are reviewed and revised when a new Rector is hired.


Confirmation classes are available to those who have been baptized, and who would like to know more about church history and worship in the Episcopal Church. You can re-affirm your faith or be received from another denomination in the Episcopal Church by taking this 8-week class which is scheduled twice each year.

Eucharist Visitors

A Eucharist Visit will be arranged for shut-ins, people who are sick and not able to come to church for a period of time. People who are hospitalized are referred to a member of the Clergy.

Prayer Requests

If you wish to have your name or a loved one’s name placed on the Prayer list please e-mail The Rev. Cammie Houpt

Please ask to have the names removed from the prayer list at conclusion of the issue.


If you or a loved one is dealing with an addiction please contact the Recovery Minister for anonymity and guidance. Please call or e-mail The Recovery Minister directly.


Weddings will be schedule on an available date in the church calendar.



Mon, Jul 4
Independence Day
Office Closed


Guided Labyrinth Walk 
2nd and 4thSaturdays
of each month

Free COVID Test kits
Order through the USPS

Family Promise

12-Step Zoom Meeting
Weds, 5pm PDST
Everyone is welcome.

Parish Calendar

Parish Location

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