Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church

Mountain Desert Views

2004 Spring Gate Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Upcoming Events

Worship Service Schedule
Sat, 4pm
Sun, 8am & 10:30am

Stewardship Campaign
Announcement & Conversation
During Coffee Hour

Sun, Sep 24, 9:15-9:30
Parish Hall

Please join us.
Guided Gospel

Sun, Sep 24, 9:30-10:15am
Hospitality will provide
Coffee Hour
Parish Hall

Margie & Paul Turner
Sun, Sep 24
After 10:30 service
Join us to celebrate
and say Goodbye
Parish Hall

Simunye Blessing
of the Animals

Sat, Sep 30, 9-11am
Wilbur & Theresa
Faiss Park
7025 S. Fort Apache Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89178

Volunteer Ministries Index

* List in Formation *

Indexed Alphabetically

  • Ellen Stevens
Altar Guild
  • Margie Turner, Directrix
  • Janice Beatty, Susan Cooper (sub), Mamie Hechter, Denise Kubajak, Sue Lanham, Myra Love, Edie Mingalone, Barbara Ryhter, Ellen Stevens, Paul Turner
Bare Bones and Friends (Sat, 5pm Services)
  • Paul Biddle, Bert Beatty, Others
Boy Scouts of America
  • Christina Curtiss Wilson
Camp Galilee
  • Currently Open
Caring Hands
  • Patricia Holbrook Seay
Community Breakfast
  • Lora Barber, Eric Love
Communication Coordinator & E-News
  • Larry Holmes, Managing Editor
2023 Diocesan Service
Delegates to Diocesan Convention
  • Dave Barber
  • Charlotte Hopson
  • Kathy Klein
  • Denise Kubajak
  • Patricia Holbrook Seay
  • Marge Turner
  • Johnny Wilson
  • Sue Pickell, Sr. Warden
  • Susan Cooper, Jr. Warden
Eligible Clergy
  • Angela Anderson
  • Cammie Houpt
  • Barbara Preas
  • Don LeHeup
Facebook & Instagram
  • Myra Love
Family Promise/Just Neighbors
  • Patricia Holbrook Seay
Flower Guild
  • Mamie Hechter; Designer/Facilitator
  • Darlene Albert, Shannon Besoyan, Susan Cooper, Margie Turner
Foyer Groups
  • Margie Turner
  • Heather Rampton, Travis Lohman, Paul Biddle
Kitchen Group
  • Susan Cooper, Denise Kubajak, Carroll Senn<
Labyrinth & Prayer Garden
  • Cheryl Bruni
Lectors & Servers Scheduling
  • Office Staff
Loaves and Fishes - Food Bank
  • Ra Simmons
  • The Rev. Cammie Houpt
Nevadans for the Common Good
  • Tom Llewellyn
Prayer Shawls
  • Alex Smith
Prayer Team
  • The Rev. Cammie Houpt, Coordinator
Recovery Ministries
  • Susan Cooper
Refugee Resettlement
  • Paul Turner, Marge Turner
  • Jenny Barkley
Ushers and Greeters
  • Johnny Wilson
Website, Calendar and Content
  • Susan Cooper


We Are Doing
Something New!

Details and Video

Monday's 9am
Except major holidays
Parish Hall

Weekly Recovery Meetings
Grace in the Desert


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